With Faith in the Future of Humanity

No matter how much progress we make in science, it too often feels like we, humans, are not moving towards a wiser direction. Why can’t science guide us to a better future?

The chain of conflict and suffering is still very much with us today. Every time some social incident occurs, people are so easily agitated by groundless rumors and driven into antisocial behavior.

While our neighborhood and community ties may be weakening, we can join in virtually communities thanks to the technology. However, our virtual communities are exposed to all sorts of attacks.

While there are still hundreds of millions of people in the state of extreme poverty in the world, suffering continues even in affluent societies. There are so many temptations which are hard to resist, thus, trapping people into addiction. Depression is another serious social problem. Various discrimination and inequity continue to linger.

We continue to pioneer new findings about our mind and body, guiding people to enjoy a healthier and longer life. It’s only that, the more we discover, the more we learn that many factors are intertwined in complex manners. There are still so many problems to grapple with in order for us to live better.

It is my sincere hope to be part of such efforts with others and accomplish things only I can do one at a time.

—With faith in the future of humanity we will be proud of.

Naoko Ushimaru-Alsop

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